Each project is unique, although the following steps are tried and true ways that allow projects to move forward effectively.

Web Design Process

We follow a core four-phase process. The diagram below identifies each of the four phases and major milestones in a typical large-scale website project life cycle.* Smaller website development projects will follow the Discovery, Design, Develop and Deploy stages, although all of the milestones may not be needed.

equestrian website design process

* Additional project documentation will be provided as needed.

Graphic Design Process

  • Consultation regarding project requirements, design concepts and deliverables.
  • Create the visual design and iterations on the project.
  • Ensure the advancement of the project according to scope and timeline.
  • Work with printers to ensure requirements are met to produce a high quality final product.

Logo Creation/Digital Illustration Process

  • Discuss design requirements, brainstorm ideas and set a timeline.
  • Create draft and share it with the client.
  • Make iterations on the designs based on client feedback.
  • Provide high and low resolution versions of the final designs.


Only Ponies Design is a website design and digital marketing agency located in Chapel Hill, NC. We specialize in website development and design, e-commerce, digital marketing, search engine optimization, and print media for equestrian related industries.

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